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Free Web Calendar

is a web-based time managment system for managing public or personal events, notes and tasks over the internet. It is a full featured online application that allows you to keep track of your personal appointments, events, notes and tasks or to build a free online schedule. It offers you a reliable, platform independent, real time scheduling solution, providing you with a centralized source for all your scheduling needs.
Appointments, holidays and birthdays: who can keep track of them all? Our free online calendar helps you stay up-to-date with all the important events in your life. Time management techniques like becoming more organized and reducing clutter can help you control your stress level. Our online calendar lets you consolidate all your events in one, central place. That means no more shuffling through notes, marking an appointment board, and all the other disconnected systems we use everyday to keep track of appointments.
Easy integration in your site
Just make your calendar public from settings screen and put a link to it on your site this will allow your visitors to see calendar's events.
Public calendar live demo
Free web personal schedule
Just make your calendar public and you can manage online schedule which is visible from everyone.
Never forget another event
Get event reminders via email, while browsing free web calendar or have text messages sent right to your mobile phone.
Get your calendar on the go
Access your free web calendar from your phone using mobile browser.
Multiple Views
Using our Online Calendar's Year, Month, and Week views you'll be able to prioritize your appointments quickly and easily.
Get Organized
Be prepared - stay on top of meetings, appointments, and special occasions.
Nothing to Download
Just register to service, and begin using your free web calendar.

 Free web calendar Live demo 

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(10:00) See Peter
(11:00) Board meeting
(10:00) Doctor
(11:10) Meet with teacher
(12:40) Call sara
(15:30) Finish weekly report
(11:10) Call to arrange cake
(12:40) Think about tonight
(12:40) Thursday meetings
(13:50) Call sara
(16:10) Send email to George
(08:10) See Acounter
(09:30) boss
(16:35) Lisa
(13:10) Reserve restourant
(12:10) friends lunch
(17:50) daughter's project